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Hiprema 3 Evo
Tire pressure gauge with 7Bar/101PSI pressure range

Digital tire pressure gauge Hiprema 3 EVO
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Tire Pyrometer
It is possible to evaluate the dynamic setup of the vehicle through the evaluation of temperatures in the different points of the tires.
Digital tire pyrometer Prisma Electronics

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Digital Degree Wheel 4
The instrument for the 2-stroke and 4-stroke ignition timing engine.
Digital Degree Wheel 4
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MotoGp and Superbike technical partner

Prisma Electronics Technical partner of Barni Racing Team in the Superbike Wolrld Championship 2017

It’s arriving the Superbike and MotoGP World Championship 2017 and from this year the Prisma Electronics has become a Aprilia Racing Team’s official supplier for tire pressure gauge and tire Pyrometer for the World championship of the MotoGP. We are also present in the Superbike World and Italian championship with Barni Racing Team.

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Set up the Digital Degree Wheel 4

How to check the correct installation on kart engine of the Digital Degree Wheel 4

The Digital Degree Wheel 4 has a resolution accuracy of angle measurement of 0.1°. The installation of the instrument is a very important operation that must be performed with precision in order to avoid any errors and obtain an accurate measurement of the timing port engine.

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Team official Supplier

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