Prisma Electronics Srl

Prisma Electronics is a company specialized in the development and production of electronic instruments currently used in all Motorsport categories. It is based on three cardinal principles: 

  • Passion
  • Experience 
  • High mastery of electronic engineering

And it is thanks to the synergy of these three fundamental components that we have been able to develop high-quality instruments that can be used in all Motorsport Championship.

Our experience in the field of electronics allows us to develop innovative and cutting-edge solutions in order to improve the performance of racing vehicles and offer our customers maximum performance.

In fact, we are constantly looking for new products and technologies to help our customers achieve their goals. For this reason, we have expanded our range of products and services, becoming a point of reference for the design and production of advanced electronic instruments.



Starting from these assumptions, today Prisma Electronics has become a leading company in its sector which boasts resellers in most countries of the world, covering important covers of sector magazines and seeing its products in the pits of the main teams in the most famous world championships, from karting to the Ferrari Challenge, WEC, LeMans series, GP2, GP3, World Superbike, Moto Gp.


Our mission is to provide high quality, reliable and innovative instruments that help our customers achieve the best performance on the race circuit.

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