Digital tire pressure and temperature gauges

Manometro digitale di precisione per pneumatici utilizzato nel Campionato del Mondo Superbike dal Barni Racing Team

Digital Tire Pressure and Temperature Gauges – The main features

In the world of Motorsport where every second counts, every details of the vehicle must be perfect.

Improper setup can cost several seconds on the track and to make the difference between 1st and 5th place. One of the most important aspects is the tires pressure. Tire pressure sets a balance among rolling speed, traction, corner speed. Low pressure allows to have a good traction while high tire pressure provides high rolling speed but a low feeling in the corner.

It is therefore important to use an accurate Digital Tire Pressure and Temperature gauge. Accuracy is one of the main features that the digital tire pressure gauge must have to be sure of having a correct pressure measurement. For example in the Motorcycle categories, where we are the technical partner of many teams involved in the World Superbike and Moto Gp Championship, measuring an incorrect tire pressure can compromise performance on the track and also put the rider in an unsuitable set-up in difficulty. One of the main features of our Digital Tire Pressure Gauges HPM4 is the ability of the instrument to automatically perform the calibration at each start; in case the parameters are not correct, the gauge automatically stops the measure so as not to give wrong pressure measurement.

The Tire Pressure is an indication of how the tire is working on track while the Temperature measured in the 3 characteristic points of the tread (External – Intermediate – Internal) tells us what its footprint on the asphalt.

Having an accurate gauge for measuring tire pressure and temperature allows you to quickly make measurements when the vehicle returns to the pits after the race or test session.

Tire pressure is tipically measured in Pound per square inch ( PSI ) – or BAR.
PSI is the most common standard to measure air pressure in the motorsport, while BAR is used especially in Europe. 1 PSI is approximately 0.0068 Bar.

All HiPreMa 4 Digital tire pressure gauges can be switched between PSI and BAR according to how you prefer to measure your tire pressure. Digital tire pressure gauges are the most used instruments in the motorsport since they allow to measure accurately your tire pressures.

Things to keep in mind in order to choose a quality tire pressure gauge

1 – Pressure gauge range

One of the most important features of the digital pressure gauges is the pressure range. In the digital tire pressure gauges a very wide range does not prejudice the accuracy.

In the Motorsport, the tire pressure range varies from a minimum pressure of 0.5 BAR, for example in Go-Karts, up to a tire pressure of about 2 / 2.5 BAR for some types of tires such as for example in the case of Rain compounds. It is better to use a digital tire pressure gauge with a wide range of pressure; for example when the tires are mounted on the rims it is possible to have very high pressures. A tire pressure gauge with a very low measuring range could be damaged if subjected to a pressure outside the pressure maximum range.

2 – Pressure gauge resolution

The resolution of the tire pressure measurement is the minimum pressure variation that the digital pressure gauge can measure. This is a very important feature when deciding to purchase a accurate digital tire pressure gauge. The higher the resolution, the more accurate the measurement will be. The Digital pressure gauges HiPreMa 4 have a measurement resolution of 0.01 BAR and 0.1 PSI.

3 – Pressure gauge accuracy

The main feature of a Digital tire gauge is to be as accurate as possible.
All Prisma Electronics digital tire pressure gauges offer an accuracy of the measure of 0.1% over the complete pressure range 0-5 Bar ( 0 – 72 PSI ).
Moreover, all Prisma Electronics digital pressure gauges does not require calibration ; You are always sure to use an accurate instrument.

All models include a backlight display, Date and Time showed on the display and saved for each session, Air temperature and the possibility to save COLD and HOT tire pressures and their difference in order to have immediately an evaluation of the balance of the vehicle.

Manometro digitale per pressione gomme utilizzato dal Team Aprilia nel Campionato Moto GP
In the Photo the Digital Pressure Gauge HiPreMa 4 used by the Aprilia Racing Team in the Moto Gp World Championship

Tire compound temperature measurement

In addition to the tire pressure, one of the most important parameter for understanding and optimizing tire performance is their operating temperature.

It is important that the Tire Coumpound Temperature it’s inside to correct values in order to optimize the mechanical grip and keep tire wear under control.

By measuring the compound temperature in the 3 different points of the tread (INTERNAL – INTERMEDIATE – EXTERNAL) it is possible to have an idea of the tire  footprint on the asphalt.

1 – Tire Compound temperature Range

The temperature of the racing tires have a very narrow window of use. Leaving these ideal values even by just 5 °C compromises the performance of the tire compound. It can be said that a tire temperature gauge must be optimized for a range of values ranging from + 70 ° C to + 120 ° C.

2 – How to measure tire compound temperature

It is possible to measure the tread temperature of tire using two types of temperature gauges:

Non-contact Temperature measurement

This category includes the Infrared pyrometer where the temperature is measured at a certain distance from the object to be measured. For example Tire Pressure gauge with Infrared Sensor

Contact Temperature measurement

This category includes the Tire Pyrometer with needle probe where the temperature is measured by the contact between the instrument and the object to be measured.

3 – Air and Track Temperature measurement

Two temperatures play an important role in Motorsport: Air temperature and Track temperature.

While the two are connected, they’re not the same.

On a beautiful, sunny day, for example, both air and track temperatures will rise. As soon as cloud cover arrives, the air temperature will drop immediately. However, the track will retain the heat over a longer period of time and cool down slowly.

Variations in temperature impact many parts of the car of bike, but the biggest influence is usually on the tires. The track temperature impacts how hot the tires will run which will in turn impact the grip level and the degradation rate.

It is for this reason that All the Temperature gauges of the HPM4 products line have the ability to measure and store the Air and Asphalt Temperature for each session.

Misura della temperatura dell'asfalto per la gestione ottimale della temperatura degli pneumatici
Measuring tarmac temperature with the K-Type Thermocouple Pyrometer by Prisma Electronics in the World Superbike Championship

Whether you need a tire gauge with Lap Timer in the same instrument, for example if you work in Karting or other motorsport categories, we have the Tire pressure gauge with a Lap Timer for timing until 4 drivers with related split times.

Manometro digitale pressione gomme HiPreMa 4

Tire pressure gauge Hiprema 4
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Manometro digitale di precisione con Cronometro a 4 piloti integrato

Tire pressure gauge Hiprema 4 with Lap Timer
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If it is important for you to measure also the tires temperature, Prisma Electronics has developed a multifunction instrument that include Digital tire pressure gauge and Tire Pyrometer. You can measure and save Tire pressures and Tire temperatures.

Manometro digitale di precisione con Pirometro per temperatura gomme

Digital Tire Pressure and Temperature gauge HiPreMa 4 with probe sensor
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Manometro pressione gomme HiPreMa 4 con Pirometro digitale per la misura della temperatura e cronometro

Digital Tire Pressure and Temperature gauge Hiprema 4 with Infrafred Pyrometer and Stopwatch
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Whether you need a tire gauge with memory or just a simple digital air gauge for your box, or if you need a tire pressure gauge with Lap Timer, or if you need a Tire pressure gauges with tire pyrometer Prisma Electronics has you covered.

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