How to check and Calibrate tire Pyrometer

How to carry out the calibration procedure of the digital tire Pyrometer

In this video we show the procedure for checking and calibrating the digital tire pyrometer.

The calibration procedure of the digital tire pyrometers requires a K-type thermocouple calibrator and we check all temperature values from 0°C to 1000°C. 

The maximum error that we accept is +/- 1°C.

We repeat the procedure from 0°C to 1000°C and vice versa from 1000°C to 0°C. Each instrument is verified – Our customers they are sure to use a very accurate instrument.

We have 2 models of Tire Pyrometer for racing tire temperature measurement :

– K-Type Thermocouple Racing Tire Pyrometer – Learn more –>
– Digital tire Pressure gauge with K-Type Thermocouple Tire Pyrometer – Learn more –> 

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