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MotoGp and Superbike technical partner

Prisma Electronics MotoGp and Superbike Team's technical partner

It’s arriving the Superbike and MotoGP World Championship 2017 and from this year the Prisma Electronics has become a Aprilia Racing Team’s official supplier for tire pressure gauge and tire Pyrometer for the World championship of the MotoGP. We are also present in the Superbike World and Italian championship with Barni Racing Team.

Prisma Electronics and Barni Racing Team in the World Superbike Championship

Prisma Electronics partner of Aprilia MotoGp racing team Prisma Electronica technical partner of Barni Racing team in the Superbike World Championship  

We are proud to have been selected by two major Italian excellences and to have been succeed with our instruments to make the difference in every sector and every category of motorsport around the world.

We also confirm our presence in the Ferrari Challenge Championship, Nascar Euro Series, Italian Gt Touring Cars championship with Speed Motor racing team.

Prisma Electronics technical support for Speed Motor in the Touring cars Championship  

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