New features of the HiPreMa 4 products line

We have updated some features of the HiPreMa 4 products line

By the Firmware 4.0.0. it is possible to set the saving sequence of tire pressures ; it is possible to set the sense of the rotation, Clockwise or AntiClockwise and also the tire from where to start the saving pressures sequence. Rear Right or Left tire – Front Right or Left tire.

In this way it is possible to improve the saving of tire pressures according to the track design and vehicle setup. For example for the Front-Wheel-Drive cars is better to start the saving sequence of the tire pressures from the front axle tires and viceversa for the Rear-Wheel-Drive cars from Rear axle tires.

Impostazione della sequenza della memorizzazione delle pressioni nella linea degli strumenti Hi.Pre.Ma. 4

Moreover the PRESSURE-SHOT function has been improved. By this function it is possible to save the HOT tire pressures without pressing any button. Set ON by the +/- buttons in the Pressure Shot menù to activate it ( as showed below)

Funzione Pressure Shot - E' possibile salvare le pressioni a caldo degli pneumatici automaticamente

It is possible to set the contrast level of the display of the instrument. With the +/- buttons it is possible to set the favorite contrast adjustment.

Settaggio del contrasto del display nello strumento HiPreMa 4

The last screen of the menù shows the firmware version of the instrument. Serial ID 4.0.0

Come visualizzare la versione del proprio strumento HiPreMa 4 tramite il menù

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