The new products for the 2019

After two years of research, development and testing, we are ready to present our new Prisma Electronics products

Thanks to the advice of our customers, our distributors, the teams of which we are partners and which are listed in the development of the products, we have identified all the defects and all the advantages of the tools and we have started with a new design.

We have changed the mechanical design for a better usability and re-engineered the electronics. Moreover, we used a new bigger display for a very clear measure.

Which are the new models of Prisma Electronics products? 7 new models:

  • Stopwatch with 4 drivers, time and date, air temperature.
  • 0-5 BAR digital tire pressure gauge.
  • Digital tire pyrometer with 12 tire temps, air and track temperature. There will be two version of this instrument, with tire probe or infrared temperature sensor.
  • Stopwatch and tire pressure gauge in the same instrument.
  • Digital tire pressure gauge and tire pyrometer in the same instrument.
  • Stopwatch, tire pressure gauge and tire pyrometer all in one.

Multi- function instruments will be the real news for the market

Which are the most used instruments for the mechanic of a team? The tire pressure gauge and the stopwatch.

Well, we have designed a new instrument with Stopwatch and tire pressure gauge.

Do you want to measure tire pressure, tire temperature and save all data?

We have designed the tire pressure gauge and tire pyrometer in the same instrument. Pressure, tire temperature, air temperature, track temperature, date and time have saved in your instrument.

Moreover, we have designed Stopwatch, Tire pressure gauge and Tire pyrometer in the same instruments. It is possible to time 4 different drivers, measure pressure and temperature of your tires, air and track temperature, date and time; all data have saved in your instrument.

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