Our Technical Partners in the Motorsport

The reasons why the most important Motorsport teams choose the Prisma Electronics instruments

Being a technical partner does not only mean supporting a team but above all means being able to work with the best people and the best professionals in the sector. This is the only way to grow up and keep up with the market in the motorsport world.

Supporting important teams in several categories, from Go-Kart to Touring cars, from Superbike to MotoGp championships allows to test our instruments also in extreme condition.

As far as Formula 1, the internal Air Temperature of the tires can reach high temperature when the vehicle comes back to the pits. This increase of air temperature is caused by carbon brake discs that dissipate the temperature through the wheels. The internal pressure sensor of the tire pressure gauge has to be tested for temperature up to 120°C.

As far as Moto Gp, in order to improve the use of the Tire pressure gauge with the carbon discs with the diameter of 340mm, we have created customized solutions for the teams. Thanks to these, it is possible to insert the air valve easily for measuring tire pressure. Each category and each Team has its technical problems to solve; being at their side allows us to understand the technical problems that exist in the racing competition and pushes us to optimize our instruments  to make the work of the technicians as simple and fast as possible during the race weekend.

In the picture the Aprilia MotoGp Racing Team is using the High Precision Tire pressure Gauge HPM4

The accuracy and reliability of our electronics instruments

The accuracy is one of the most important factor for the Tire pressure and Temperature gauges in the motorsport. For example in MotoGP and Superbike championship the tire manufactures have imposed minimum pressure values. They don’t allows to go under these values in order to avoid stressing the tires too much and as therefore their outbreak. For all teams, it is fundamental that a measuring instrument is highly accurate. So, they can use pressure values closed to the limits imposed by the manufactures without incurring penalties.

Our digital tire pressure gauges have a class accuracy of 0.1% over the entire measurement range. This allows to have an error in the pressure measurement that is close to zero. Furthermore, each time the instrument is switched on, the internal microcontroller checks the accuracy of the pressure sensor and performs a very accurate offset of the measurement.

hiprema 4
In the picture a professional Racing Team measure the tire pressure with HiPreMa 4 in the Italian Moto 3 Championship – Rider : Matteo Patacca

Attention to details with features designed to be efficient in all conditions in the racing weekend

The backlit display – In certains conditions, like for example in 24H races, it is common to have low light conditions, for example in the night stint. The backlit display helps the tire specialists to have always a very clear display during the procedure of measuring Tire pressure and Temperatures.

Saving automatically the Hot Tire Pressures by the PRESSURE-SHOT function – Activating the PRESSURE-SHOT function by the Menu, the instrument can save the HOT Tire Pressures without pressing any button. At the end of the session when the vehicle returns to the pit, it is important to measure immediately the Tire Pressures and Temperatures because they drop very fast. By this function the time to measure and save the tire pressures is reduced. 

COLD to HOT tire pressures difference – It is possible to save in sequence the COLD and HOT tire pressures in order to have the possibility to compare on the display the changes having during the performance of race. The display of the tire gauge shows the difference for each tire.

Visualizzazione della differenza tra le Pressioni a freddo ed a Caldo che si hanno alla fine di una sessione in pista. Questo valore è importante per capire l'equilibrio dinamico del mezzo ed il carico che si ha su ogni singolo pneumatico.
The picture shows the difference between COLD and HOT tire differences in order to evaluate the balance of the vehicle.

As far as we concern, supporting the main teams of motorsport is the best test bench where every one features can be defined and tested in the most different and difficult conditions.

Prisma Electronics with its Precision instruments becomes the ally for your Victory !!

technical partnership

The main instruments used by the teams are the following.

Aprilia Racing Team

Moto Gp World Championship

  • Tire pressure gauge HiPreMa 4 with aluminum extension – HPM4
  • Tire pressure gauge with Pyrometer – HPM4 + PYR2
  • Multi driver Digital Stopwatch – STW

Barni Racing Team

World Superbike Championship

  • Tire pressure gauge HiPreMa 4 – HPM4
  • Tire pressure gauge with Pyrometer – HPM4 + PYR2
  • Tire pressure gauge with Infrared Temp Sensor – HPM4 + PYR2-IR 

Gresini Racing Team

Moto3 – Moto2 – MotoE World Championship

  • Tire pressure gauge HiPreMa 4 with aluminum extension – HPM4

GRT Yamaha Racing Team

Superbike World Championship 

  • Tire pressure gauge HiPreMa 4 – HPM4
  • Tire pressure gauge with Pyrometer – HPM4 + PYR2

Riccardo Ponzio

Boss GP

Scuderia Speed Motor

Coppa Italia Touring cars

  • Tire pressure gauge HiPreMa 4 with K-Type Thermocouple probe – HPM4 + PYR2

Birel Art


  • Tire pressure gauge HiPreMa 4 with multi driver Stopwatch – HPM4 + STW

Overall, there are 7 models and you will surely find the best solution for your way of working on the track.

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