Set up the Digital Degree Wheel 4

How to check the correct installation on kart engine of the DDW 4

The Digital Degree Wheel 4 has a resolution accuracy of angle measurement of 0.1°. The installation of the instrument is a very important operation that must be performed with precision in order to avoid any errors and obtain an accurate measurement of the timing port engine.

After installing correctly the DDW 4 on the kart engine, it is possible to check its accuracy very quickly. It need to align the Rotor-Stator sign and reset the measure for having the 0.0° reference, rotate the crankshaft 2 or more turns until to re-align then, the measure obtained is multiple of 360.0°.

Performing the same operation in the opposite direction it is possible to return the crankshaft to the starting position and the Digital Degree Wheel 4 should shows the measure of 0.0°.

The video explains it.

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