The new HiPreMa 4X products line

We have updated the entire HiPreMa 4 product line. HiPreMa 4X was born!!

What’s more accurate than HPM 4?
It’s HPM 4X!!

The new technical features of the HiPreMa 4 X line

The mechanical part has remained the same, we have redesigned all the electronic part of our instruments passing from an 8-bit micro controller to a 32-bit micro controller.

Thanks to this change in technology, the calculation speed of the instrument is four times greater than the old microcontroller.

This has allowed us to further improve the accuracy in tire pressure and temperature measurements and to implement new functions across the entire line of instruments.

Updates in Pressure measurement functionality

Tire pressure and temperature in Motorsport are fundamental parameters for obtaining the best possible performance on the track.

It was no longer enough for us to be precise to hundredths of a bar (0.01 BAR): now our reference is the microbar, 4 decimal places after the decimal point.

An even more extreme precision made possible thanks to the calculation capacity of the new electronics.

Prisma Electronics is the technical partner of the Aprilia Racing Team in the Moto Gp World Championship.
The calibration of the instruments is carried out with a standard pressure reference of 0.0001 Bar.

A very useful function that has been introduced is the ability to store the vehicle number for each session.

For each session saved in the instrument’s memory, in addition to the date and time of the session, atmospheric air temperature, cold and hot pressures and relative variation, it is possible to activate the storage of the vehicle number.

This is a very useful function for the technicians who deal with tires in the Teams, for the technicians of the various tire manufacturers who have to manage the data of different cars.

The memory of the new instrument can save up to 50 complete sessions: a complete race weekend stored on your instrument.

The PRESSURE SHOT function has been optimized, which allows you to automatically store hot pressures without having to press any buttons.

HiPreMa 4X line’s main features for the functionality of the digital tire pressure gauge are (Updated functionality on all instruments with pressure measurement functionality):

  • Measurement accuracy: +/- 0.0005 Bar
  • Storage of 50 complete sessions
  • Function for storing the vehicle number for each session
  • 32-bit technology with 4 times the calculation speed
Display of the difference between the cold and hot pressures that occur at the end of a session on the track. Important value for understanding the dynamic balance of the vehicle and the load on each individual tire
It displays the difference between the Cold and Hot Pressure at the end of a session on the track, which is important for understanding the dynamic balance of the vehicle and the load on each individual tire.

Updates in temperature measurement functionality

In addition to pressure, the fundamental parameter for understanding and optimizing tire performance is their operating temperature.

It is essential to stay within the correct window of use of the tread temperature to optimize mechanical grip and keep tire decay under control.

It is important to measure the temperature of the compound quickly.

For this reason we have halved the reading time of the thermocouple, now in less than 100 milliseconds the instrument reads the temperature of the thermocouple or the infrared sensor.

Now our Pyrometers, both with needle probe and infrared sensor, therefore have a temperature measurement resolution of 0.1 ° C and a measurement error of 0.25 ° C.

So here, to summarize, what changes in the HPM4 X when we measure temperatures?

  • Measurement resolution 0.1 ° C
  • Measurement accuracy: +/- 0.25 ° C
  • Reading time – Thermocouple – Infrared: 0.1 sec.
  • Storage of 50 complete sessions
  • Function for storing the vehicle number for each session
  • 32-bit technology with 4 times the calculation speed

Measure the tire pressure of motorcycles with the precision digital pressure gauge from Prisma Electronics
Tire temperature measurement with measurement resolution of 0.01 ° C and accuracy of +/- 0.25 ° C

New functions in the 4-rider digital stopwatch mode

The only digital Stopwatch on the market that allows you to store 7 complete sessions in the instrument’s memory.

The part of the 4 Pilots digital Stopwatch has a new firmware that allows to have new functions implemented.

Infact, it is now possible to memorize in the instrument up to 7 complete sessions and, for each session, up to 30 laps per rider and nine split times per lap. In addition, of course, to the date and time of the session and the air temperature.

For each session from the menu, it is possible to recall the three best laps for each driver (in the first screen) and, subsequently, it is possible to review all the laps of the session and related split times.

Thanks to this new feature, we have a full day of testing in the memory of the instrument.

The instrument is capable of storing 840 laps in total.

So here, to summarize, the new features in the stopwatch function (present in all instruments that have the Stopwatch mode):

  • 7 Sessions that can be stored in the instrument including Date – Time – Air Temperature for each session
  • 1 Screen that quickly summarizes the 3 best laps of the session for each rider and relative split times
  • Recall of all the laps of the session and relative split times (Max. 30 laps per session)
  • Ability to memorize 840 laps + 7560 split times
Multi-pilot stopwatch
Display of the current session in the Stopwatch mode – 7 Sessions that can be stored in the instrument.
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