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Using Digital Degree Wheel 4

Digital Degree wheel 4 Tips and tricks

Basic use of the instrument

The instrument is powered by the internal 9V battery ( not rechargeable ) or by the wall mount AC adapters supplied in the kit. By the USB power cord, it is possible to power the Digital Degree wheel 4 with all USB battery pack.

Power ON :
Press ON button

Turns OFF:
The instrument turns OFF automatically after 8 minutes of inactivity if is powered by internal battery, or 15 minutes if is powered by thewall mount AC adapters. If you want to save energy, press ON button for 3 seconds and the instrument turns OFF.

Reset of the measure:
Press RESET button or the foot reset switch for resetting the measure.

CAM SHAFT mode :
The CAM SHAFT mode is used to measure the 4 stroke-engine camshaft. By pressing for 5 seconds the RESET MODE button, on the display appears the symbol <--> which indicates the CAM SHAFT mode is active. In this mode, the instrument measures the revolution of the Crankshaft from 0-90°-0°-90°-0°-90°-0°-90° .

With the RESET button, it is possible to switch from NORMAL MODE and CAMSHAFT MODE by pressing it for 5 seconds.

Mounting the instrument on the engine:
The easiest way to mount the instrument on the engine, is showed in the picture:
( click to enlarge )
Mounting the Digital Degree Wheel 4 on the KZ Engine
In this way even if you move the engine, the tool remains aligned with the crankshaft and the measure is always correct.  (click to enlarge )

Digital Degree wheel 4 for timing port engine

Kit includes :
  • 03 crankshaft adapters 10x1 mm, 12x1mm, 12x1,25mm;
  • USB power supply
  • USB adapter cable
  • Instrument case
  • Support for fixing to the engine
The kit included in the Digital Degree Wheel 4
Accessoires :
The foot reset switch it allows to reset the measure keeping your hands on the crankshaft and then have a more accurate measurement.
Foot reset switch for resetting the Digital Degree wheel 4
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