HiPreMa 4X
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Modalità Manometro digitale pressione gomme

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Frequently asked questions

It is not necessary to calibrate the instrument. An internal microprocessor procedure checks the accuracy of the sensor each time it is turned on.

For older versions of the digital pressure gauge HiPreMa 1 – HiPreMa 2 – HiPreMa 3
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The battery type within the HiPreMa 4 product line is CR2450. The average battery life is about 2 years. The display shows the battery charge status.
Use only good quality batteries : SONY – DURACELL – PANASONIC.

The digital pressure gauges HPM4 X have an internal calibration procedure at each power-on of the instrument. If the procedure detects that the pressure sensor parameters are out of specifications, the instrument will lock and display OFFSET ERROR on the screen. This ensures that inaccurate pressure measurement is avoided, making it essential to ensure correct pressure measurement.

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All instruments have the option to be set for either AUTO or MOTO. Through the instrument menu, you can choose the type of vehicle, whether it be AUTO or MOTO, and many other settings.

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