We have updated the entire HPM4 product line. HPM4 X was born !!

What's more accurate than HPM 4? It's HPM 4X !!
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HiPreMa 4X products update. The new Tire Pressure and Temperature gauge was born.


HiPreMa 4X

The complete range of High Precision Gauges for Motorsport Tire Pressure and Temperature measurement. 
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HiPreMa 4 Tire Pressure and Temperature gauges products range


Focus on

Tire pressure gauge with Infrared Sensor and Stopwatch
Tire pressure gauge with Needle Probe Pyrometer
Tire pressure gauge with Infrared Sensor and Stopwatch
Tire pressure gauge Hi.Pre.Ma. 4
Tire pressure gauge with Infrared Sensor

K-Type Thermocouples

Measure the tire compound temperature with the LT-PROBE
Measure Brake disc temperature with the K-Type Thermocouple HT-PROBE

Spare Parts for our products


Battery - Cover - Air hose - Michelin air chuck

Spare parts per HiPreMa 4 products line

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Tire pressure gauge features
Measure the tire temperature with an Infrared Pyrometer
New features for the HiPreMa 4 products line

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Being a technical sponsor does not only mean supporting a team but above all means being able to work with the best people and the best professionals in the sector. This is the only way to grow up and keep up with the market in the motorsport world. The reasons why the most important Motorsport teams choosethe Prisma Electronics instruments. Read the complete Blog post ->

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