Digital tire pressure gauge Hiprema 4

Manometro digitale di precisione Hiprema 4
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Hiprema 4

Digital tire pressure gauge

Design and Technology strikes again 

We have re-engineered all Electronics and Mechanical parts with new features that make Hiprema 4 the digital tire pressure gauge more complete than the previous versions.

You can use it as a simple digital tire pressure gauge or by pressing MEM buttons you can save the COLD and HOT tire pressures. For each session you can save also :
  • Date and Time 
  • Air temperature
  • Difference between COLD and HOT tire pressures


This tire pressure gauge Hiprema 4 does not require calibration; whenever you switch on it the internal microprocessor automatically performs the procedure in order to reach a reliable mesure at 100%. You are always sure to use an accurate instrument. There are no excuses, the pressure value is always correctly measured.


Maximum error over the pressure range 0-5 Bar / 0-72 PSI of 0.1%.

High accuracy digital tire pressure gauge Hiprema 4

Normal mode with pressure value, Time and Air temperature on the display


A backlight display much larger than before
The backlit display shows Time, Air temperature, Battery level and pressure value.

CAR mode setup
CAR mode setup for the digital pressure gauge Hiprema 4
BIKE mode setup
BIKE mode setup for the digital pressure gauge Hiprema 4

Look what you can save with HIPREMA 4
Date - Time - Air Temperature - COLD and HOT pressures difference

Tire pressures saved on the Hiprema 4

According to the sense of rotation of the track, it is possible to choose the favourite rotation for saving pressures.
Counterclockwise pressures rotation
Counterclockwise sense for saving tire pressures setup

By activating this function the pressure gauge HIPREMA 4 save automatically the HOT tire pressures without pressing any buttons.
  • PRESSURE SHOT® function - By activating this function the HIPREMA 4 save the HOT tire pressures without pressing any buttons
  • Clockwise or Counterclockwise saving tire pressures rotation
  • Measure difference between COLD and HOT tire pressures
  • Languages Menu ITA - ENG - FRA
  • Backlit display with ambient light sensor intensity
  • Removable belt clip
  • IP55
Removable belt clip for Hiprema 4
Ambient light sensor for backlight display on the Hiprema 4
Bigger display, more features, less thickness !!
The thickness of the instrument is only 22 mm. You can carry it safely in your pocket or attach it to your belt with its clip.

Accessories : ABS Instrument case
Practical and resistant case in ABS for Prisma Electronics instruments
  • Tyre pressure gauge is awesome. Easy to use , and a large bright display. --- ANDY JOHNSON

  • Pressure gauge and stopwatch in the same instrument it's phenomenal --- INFINITY MOTORSPORT

  • Great product! Look forward to purchase the tire gauge. --- KEVIN MANNING

Download the reference manual
Scarica il manuale d'istruzioni
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