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Designed for the Motorsport 

It is possible to evaluate the dynamic setup of the vehicle through the evaluation of temperatures in the different points of the tires

For each test you can save :
  • 12 Point of tire temperautre
  • AIR temperature
  • TRACK temperature
  • DATE
  • TIME

Thanks to the infrared sensor you can measure from 0°C to 380°C ( 32°F to 716°F ) with a capture time of 0.5s. 

Product Part number : PYR2 - IR


Tire temperatures showed on the display in the infrared sensor version


Tire pyrometer preview for the Infrared sensor version
  • C° and F° Temperature units
  • Measure resolution : 1°C / 1.8°F
  • Temperature error : +/- 1°C
  • Temperature ragne of the instrument : 0°C - 1000°C
  • 12 Points of tire temepratures for each set
  • AIR and TRACK temperatures
  • DATE and TIME 
  • Memory stores 30 complete sets of data

Why use the tire pyrometer .....

It is possible to evaluate the dynamic setup of the vehicle through the evaluation of temperatures in the different points of the tyres. From this assumption, Prisma Electronics has developed a digital pyrometer that measures and saves the temperatures of the tyres in three different characteristic points of the tyre: EXTERNAL - INTERMEDIATE - INTERNAL . Moreover, it is possible to save also the temperatures of ASPHALT and AIR in order to have all the parameters immediately available on the display. The peculiarity of the tool is to save 30 complete sets. Each sets consists of 12 points of TIRE TEMPERATURES, AIR, TRACK, DATE, TIME.

It is useful when you want to understand the effect of the CAMBER and CASTER in car tires and also the temperatures in the different lean angles of the bikes.
High accuracy infrared sensor
-- 0.5°C Temperature Accuracy
-- 380°C Object temperature
-- 35° Field of view Infrared sensor for measuring Tire Temperatures

In the infrared sensor version, there is a viewfinder that indicate the exact point that you are measuring
Tire infrared sensor on the back of the instrument for measuring tire temperatures

Accessories : ABS Instrument case
Practical and resistant case in ABS for Prisma Electronics instruments

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  • Tyre pressure gauge is awesome. Easy to use , and a large bright display. --- ANDY JOHNSON

  • Pressure gauge and stopwatch in the same instrument it's phenomenal --- INFINITY MOTORSPORT

  • Great product! Look forward to purchase the tire gauge. --- KEVIN MANNING


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