Digital tire pyrometer with infrared sensor

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The PYR2-IR X is a digital tire pyrometer with an infrared sensor that measures tire temperatures. It records the temperature at 12 points on each tire set, as well as the air and track temperatures. It also records the time and date of the measurements and can save up to 30 data sets in the device.

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Digital tire pyrometer with infrared sensor

With Prisma Electronics digital tire pyrometer with infrared sensor, it is possible to evaluate the dynamic setup of the vehicle through the evaluation of temperatures at different tire points.


For each test you can save:

  • 12 Points of tire temperature
  • AIR temperature
  • TRACK temperature
  • DATE
  • TIME

Thanks to the infrared sensor you can measure from 0°C to 380°C (32°F to 716°F) with a capture time of 0.5s.

pirometro temperatura pneumatici
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  • C° and F° Temperature units
  • Measure resolution: 1°C / 1.8°F
  • Temperature error: +/- 1°C
  • Temperature range of the instrument: 0°C – 1000°C
  • 12 Points of tire temperatures for each set
  • AIR and TRACK temperatures
  • DATE and TIME
  • Memory stores 30 complete sets of data

Why should you utilize our digital tire pyrometer with infrared sensor?

Prisma Electronics has developed a digital tire pyrometer that measures and saves tire temperatures at three different points:
  • external
  • intermediate
  • internal
Additionally, it is possible to save the temperatures of the asphalt and air in order to have all parameters immediately available on the display. The unique feature of this tool is that it can save 30 complete sets, each set consisting of 12 points of tire temperatures, air, track, date, and time. It is useful for understanding the effect of camber and caster on car tires and also the temperatures at different lean angles on bikes.

High-accuracy infrared sensor

– 0.5°C Temperature Accuracy
– 380°C Object temperature
– 35° Field of view

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infrared sensor target
infrared sensor tyre pyrometer
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