Digital Degree Wheel 4 for timing port engine

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Digital Degree Wheel 4

The instrument for the 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke ignition timing.

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Digital Degree Wheel 4

The instrument for the 2-stroke and 4-stroke ignition timing engine


It is an essential instrument to know precisely the exhaust port and transfer ports diagram of 2-stroke engines and the degrees of opening and closening of the valves in the 4-stroke engines.

Volantino digitale 4
The Digital Degree Wheel 4 reads 100 times per second the absolute position of the crankshaft in order to not miss also a hundredth of a degree of measurement. It is possible thanks to the mechanical and electronic features of the encoder and of the display unit which are completely designed by Prisma Electronics
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The right 2-stroke engines phase diagram design is one of the most relevant and most important aspects when trying to improve performance in terms of power. It is even more important than in 4-stroke engines.

Using the Digital Degree wheel 4 it is possible measure the diagram with 0.1° accuracy.

Typical Applications

  • Measurement of the ignition timing of the 2-stroke engines
  • Tuning up of the camshaft in the 4-stroke engines
  • Gearbox setup

Camshaft mode

In this mode the Digital Degree Wheel split the 360° in the | 0-90°| 90°-0°| 0-90° | 90-0° | typical for the camshaft tuning up.

Gear ratios mode

In this mode you can measure the gear ratios of the engine.
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  • Accuracy : +/- 0,1°
  • Camshaft mode : 0°-90° | 90°-0° | 0°-90° | 90°-0°
  • Gear ratios mode
  • Backlight display
  • Aluminum billet encoder
  • Brass adapters for crankshaft
  • 9V Battery powered
made in italy

Kit includes :

  • 03 crankshaft adapters 10×1 mm, 12x1mm, 12×1,25mm;
  • USB power supply
  • USB adapter cable
  • Instrument case
  • Support for fixing to the engine


Interruttore di reset a pedale

The foot reset switch it allows to reset the measure keeping your hands on the crankshaft and then have a more precise measurement.



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