Multi driver stopwatch for motorsport

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The Prisma Electronics Multi Riders stopwatch allows to time up to 4 riders. For each riders it is possible to time up to 99 lap times and 9 split times for each lap. It is possibile to save 7 Complete sessions in the Stopwatch for a total of 840 Laps and 7560 split times. For each session it is possible to recall :

  • Date and Time of the session
  • Air Temperature
  • 3 Best Laps for each rider
  • 30 Laps for each rider and relative Split times and Lap statistics.

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Product Part number : STW X

digital stopwatch
cronometro digitale gokart auto moto

The Prisma Electronics Stopwatch enables the user to time up to 4 riders simultaneously.

Up to 99 lap times and 9 split times for each lap can be taken and stored in the memory. At every lap, the Stopwatch shows the difference with the BEST LAP for each driver. By timing 3 riders, the BEST LAP of the first and second rider is showed on the display.

Backlit display with ambient light sensor intensity.
Languages Menu ITA – ENG – FRA

Thanks the big and backlight display you have all drivers timing info on the display.

The stopwatch shows for each riders :

LAP time info

  • 1 – L07 –> Current Lap 07
  • 00:35.86 –> Currently Lap time
  • +0.28 –> Difference between Best Lap and current Lap time

SPLIT time info

  • S1 -> Split number of the Driver 1
  • 0:18.35 -> Split time of the Driver
  • -0.37 -> Difference between Best Split Time S1 of the Driver 1
tempi intertempi cronometro digitale

If you time 3 drivers ( L1 – L2 – L3 ) the instrument shows the BEST LAP for the DRIVER 1 and DRIVER 2 :

  • 1 – Best lap driver 1–> 0:48.85
  • 2 – Best lap –> 0:51.75
statistiche giro cronometro digitale


Absolute Split Times mode


Incremental Split Times mode

Technical features

  • DATE and TIME
  • AIR temperature – °C or °F
  • Languages Menu ITA – ENG – FRA
  • Backlit display with ambient light sensor intensity
  • Removable belt clip
  • IP55


For each session you can recall :

  • DATE and TIME
  • AIR temperature
  • The 3 best LAPS for each driver 
  • The 30 Laps for each driver and the LAPS statistics
  • The Split Times for each LAP

IP55 grade protection against water

digital stopwatch motorport


stopwatch reference manual

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