Tire pressure gauge with Infrared tire Pyrometer

Digital tire pressure gauge with Infrared tire Pyrometer
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Multifunctions instrument
Tire pressure gauge and Infrared tire Pyrometer

Measure and save tire Pressures and Temperatures with the same instrument !!

Digital tire pressure gauge Mode
Tire pressure gauge MODE
Infrared sensor Pyrometer Mode for measuring and save 12 points of tire temperatures
Tire temperatures MODE
COLD and HOT tire pressures shows on the display
Measure and save the COLD and HOT tire pressures in the PRESSURE mode. The display shows the pressures difference, the TIME - DATE and AIR temperature for each session.
Tire temperatures saved in the instrument
By pressing MODE button it is possible to switch to TEMPERATURE MODE. Measure and save AIR and TRACK temperatures and 12 points of tire temperature ( ex. EXTERNAL - INTERMEDIATE - INTERNAL ) for each sets .

Do you want to switch between PRESSURE GAUGE and TIRE PYROMETER or vice versa ?
Simply by pressing MODE button - Very quickly !!
By pressing MODE button it is possible to switch from PRESSURE mode to TEMPERATURE mode and vice versa.

In the infrared sensor version, there is a viewfinder that indicate the exact point that you are measuring
Tire infrared sensor on the back of the instrument for measuring tire temperatures

All data saved in your instrument
25 Tire pressures and Temperatures sets.
For each session the instrument save DATA and TIME.

Buttons on the instrument for the Pressure and Temperature
  • COLD tire pressures
  • HOT tire pressures
  • Tire pressures difference
  • TIME and DATE saved for each session
  • AIR - TRACK temperatures
  • 12 Points of tire temperatures

Accessories : ABS Instrument case
Practical and resistant case in ABS for Prisma Electronics instruments
According to the sense of rotation of the track, it is possible to choose the favourite rotation for saving pressures.
Counterclockwise pressures rotation
Counterclockwise sense for saving tire pressures setup

By activating this function the pressure gauge HIPREMA 4 save automatically the HOT tire pressures without pressing any buttons.
High accuracy infrared sensor
0.5°C Temperature Accuracy
380°C Object temperature
35° Field of view

Infrared sensor for measuring Tire Temperatures
  • Tyre pressure gauge is awesome. Easy to use , and a large bright display. --- ANDY JOHNSON

  • Pressure gauge and stopwatch in the same instrument it's phenomenal --- INFINITY MOTORSPORT

  • Great product! Look forward to purchase the tire gauge. --- KEVIN MANNING


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