Digital tire pressure gauge with Infrared tire Pyrometer

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Measure tire pressure and temperature with our digital tire pressure gauge with infrared tire pyrometer!
  • Digital tire pressure gauge HiPreMa 4X
  • Infrared tire pyrometer with AIR, TRACK, and 12 points of tire TEMPERATURES

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Product Part Number: HPM4X + PYR2-IR

Digital tire pressure gauge with infrared tire pyrometer

Measure and save tire pressures and temperatures with the same device!

Modalità Manometro digitale pressione gomme
Tire pressure gauge MODE
Modalità Pirometro infrarosso per Temperatura Pneumatici - Aria - Asfalto
Tire temperatures MODE
manometro pressione gomme

Measure and save COLD and HOT tire pressures thanks to the PRESSURE mode. The display shows pressure differences, time/date info, and air temperature for each session.

pirometro temperatura pneumatici

By pressing the MODE button it is possible to switch to TEMPERATURE MODE. Measure and save AIR and TRACK temperatures and 12 different points of tire temperature (ex. EXTERNAL – INTERMEDIATE – INTERNAL) for each set.


Do it simply by pressing the MODE button!

All your data saved in your digital tire pressure gauge with infrared tire pyrometer

50 Tire pressures and Temperatures sets.
For each session the instrument saves DATA and TIME.
hiprema 4
  • COLD tire pressures
  • HOT tire pressures
  • Tire pressures difference
  • TIME and DATE saved for each session
  • AIR – TRACK temperatures
  • 12 Points of tire temperatures

Technical features


By activating this function the pressure gauge HIPREMA 4 save automatically the HOT tire pressures without pressing any buttons.

PRESSURE gauge accuracy: 0.1%

  • Maximum error at 5 BAR : +/- 0,005 BAR — ( 0.072 PSI )
  • Maximum error at 1 BAR : +/- 0,001 BAR — ( 0.014 PSI )


Tire pressure sensor does not require calibration. The internal microprocessor automatically performs the procedure in order to reach a reliable measure at 100%.


  • BAR and PSI for tire pressure gauge
  • CELSIUS and FAHRENHEIT for temperature measurement

Tire Temperature resolution

  • 0.1° Temperature Resolution

High ACCURACY infrared sensor

  • 0.2° Temperature Accuracy
  • 380°C Max Temperature
  • 35°FOV – Field of view
infrared sensor target


  • 50 Tire pressures and Temperatures sets of data


  • Italian
  • English
  • Français

Setup of the favourite rotation for saving pressures

  • Clockwise
  • Counterclockwise
  • Start from FRONT wheels or REAR wheels
rotazione antioraria salvataggio pressioni pneumatici
rotazione antioraria per salvataggio pressioni pneumatici

Download reference manual

Technical Support

If you want to read all the Questions and Answers, click here ->

It is not necessary to calibrate the instrument. An internal microprocessor procedure checks the accuracy of the sensor each time it is turned on.

For older versions of the digital pressure gauge HiPreMa 1 – HiPreMa 2 – HiPreMa 3
Click here –>

The battery type within the HiPreMa 4 product line is CR2450. The average battery life is about 2 years. The display shows the battery charge status.
Use only good quality batteries : SONY – DURACELL – PANASONIC.

All instruments have the option to be set for either AUTO or MOTO. Through the instrument menu, you can choose the type of vehicle, whether it be AUTO or MOTO, and many other settings.




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