Tire pressure gauge with Stopwatch

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High accuracy Digital Tire pressure gauge for CAR and Motorbike with Multi-rider Stopwatch function for up to 4 riders with Split times and lap statistics. In a single instrument we have integrated :

  1. Digital Tire pressure gauge HPM 4X
  2. Multi riders Stopwatch STW X
With this instrument you can measure and saving the Cold and Hot tire pressures and keep under control the lap times of 4 riders at same time with relative Split Times and Lap statistics. The instrument integrates all the features of the HPM 4X Digital pressure gauge and the STW X digital stopwatch.
In stock – Spedizione in 24 ore Codice Prodotto : HPM4X + STW.

High Precision Digital Tire pressure gauge with built in a multi riders Stopwatch

Lap timer MODE
Modalità Manometro digitale pressione gomme
Digital tire pressure gauge mode

It is an absolute news on the motorsport market

Now you don’t need to carry two instruments to the pitlane, the HiPreMa 4 gives you two instruments in one.

You will not only get the best tire pressure gauge on the market but also an hi-end stop watch that gives you the possibility to time up to 4 drivers simultaneously with 9 individual split times for each driver.

Engineered with attention to details


Do you want to switch from PRESSURE GAUGE to LAP TIMER or vice versa?
Just press MODE button – Very simple!!


All the features of the High Precision Tire Pressure Gauge Hiprema 4 and of the multi riders Stopwatch in the same instrument.

It has been designed to simplify the way of work during the race weekend.

tempi intertempi cronometro digitale

You can timing simultaneosly until 4 drivers with 9 split times for each drivers and Lap statistics

manometro pressione gomme

Switch to Digital tire pressure gauge and you can save COLD and HOT tire pressures

Trusted by the most important motorsport Teams

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