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HiPreMa 4 Products line Support Page

Frequently asked questions

  • How to change battery in the HiPreMa 4 products

Click here to show the procedure to replace battery -->

  • Does the HiPreMa 4 digital tire pressure gauge need calibration ?

It is not necessary to calibrate the instrument.

  • How to change from BAR to PSI ?

For the old version of the tire pressure gauge HiPreMa 1 - HiPreMa 2 - HiPreMa 3 - Click Here -->

  • What type of battery does HiPreMa 4 use?

The battery model used in the HiPreMa 4 products is the CR2450. The battery lifetime in standard use is 2 Years.
Use only High Quality battery : SONY - DURACELL - PANASONIC.
Click here to show how to replace battery in the instrument -->