Multi driver stopwatch for motorsport

Digital multi rider stopwatch for motorsport with Times and Split times
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Digital multi rider Stopwatch
Times and Split times for 4 Drivers 
Digital Stopwatch that allows to save and show simultaneously the times until 4 drivers.

For each driver, there are until 9 split times.
At every lap, it shows the difference with the BEST LAP.

By timing 3 riders, the BEST LAP of the first and second rider is showed on the display.


Hand-Held digital stopwatch for all motorsport categories as karting, Formula, Superbike, Moto Gp, Touring cars

Times and Split times shows on the display of the Digital multi rider stopwatch for motorsport


Thanks the big and backlight display you have all drivers timing info
You can show on the display for each driver :

1 - L07        |  Driver 1 - Current Lap 07
00:35.86     |  Currently Lap time 
+0.28          |  Difference between Best Lap and current Lap time 

S1              | Split number of the Driver 1
0:18.35      | Split time of the Driver 1


Lap Times and BEST LAP showed on the display of the Digital Stopwatch


If you time 3 drivers ( L1 - L2 - L3 ) the instrument show the BEST LAP for the DRIVER 1 and DRIVER 2 :

1 - Best lap        |  0:48.85
BEST LAP driver 1 

2 - Best lap       | 0:51.75 
BEST LAP driver 2           

The digital stopwatch is IP55 splash proof resistant

Download the reference manual

Download the reference manual for the multi rider Stopwatch

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