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Hiprema 3 Evo
Digital tire pressure gauge with 7Bar/101PSI pressure range

Digital tire pressure gauge Hiprema 3 EVO
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Tire Pyrometer
It is possible to evaluate the dynamic setup of the vehicle through the evaluation of temperatures in the different points of the tires.
Digital tire pyrometer Prisma Electronics

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Digital Degree Wheel 4
The instrument for the 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine diagram phase
Digital Degree Wheel 4
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Digital tire pyrometer Prisma Electronics Tire gauge HIPREMA 3 on World Superbike ChampionshipThe tire gauge HIPREMA 3 on Karting HIPREMA 3 used by Nexus Racing on Formula Challengehiprema 3 on Formula 3 championshipDigital degree wheel for timing port engine

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Thanks to important partners and team, the Prisma Electronics test their instruments in different motorsport categories in order to optimize all the functions and specifications.

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