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Tire Pyrometer
It is possible to evaluate the dynamic setup of the vehicle through the evaluation of temperatures in the different points of the tires. From this assumption, Prisma Electronics has developed a digital pyrometer that measures and saves the temperatures of the tyres in three different characteristic points of the tyre: EXTERNAL - INTERMEDIATE - INTERNAL .
Moreover, it is possible to save also the temperatures of ASPHALT and AIR in order to have all the parameters immediately avaible on the display.
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Digital tire pyrometer Prisma Electronics
Prisma Electronics is the result of a deep passion for the races and motorsport world, a passion handed down from father to son that has brought us to compete for 15 years in the major European circuits with great satisfaction. This combination of passion and experience has allowed us to create qualified electronic instruments which are able to respond fully to the needs of all areas of motorsport.

Our products are present in the pits of the main team in the most renowned world championships from Kart to the Ferrari Challenge, GP2, GP3, World Superbike.
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