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Prisma Electronics - Digital tire gauge HIPREMA 3 used by Nexus Racing in the Asian Gran Touring Car championship

These pictures symbolize the presence  of Prisma Electronics in the most important motorsport championships in the world. Our digital tire gauge HIPREMA 3 is used also in the Asian Touring Cars Championship with NEXUS Racing that give us these beautiful pictures !!

HIPREMA 3 - Precision goes ahead all limits !!

Digital tire gauge HIPREMA 3 in the Asian Touring Car championshipDigital tire gauge HIPREMA 3

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HIPREMA is a digital manometer that ensures a perfect tire pressure measurement. It is intended for the  motorsport sector where tire pressure can make the difference in order to reach an excellent performance.

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The Digital Degree Wheel is an electronic device, with a digital reading, which enable a measuring of the diagram of the internal combustion engine, both of the two-stroke and four-stroke engines, at the tenth degree of precision. It is essential to know precisely all the distinctive corners of two-stroke engine as suction, exhaust, opening and closing of valves, the width of the valves of four stroke engines. It has been made to replace the traditional graduate degree wheel or goniometer and to work out the problem of precision, basic element when preparing competition engines. The PRISMA Electronics already realized in 1995 the first Digital Degree Wheel which then became the standard to measure the diagram of two-stroke engines.

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